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We buy a range of scrap metal products in many different forms:

-old sheet w/ Iron attachments
-painted sheet
-radiators (clean and unclean)
-insulated aluminum wire

-#1 tubing/wire
-#2 tubing/wire
-Bus bar
-Sheet copper
-#1 Insulated (Thhn, etc)
-#2 Insulated (drop cords, cat5, etc)
-electric motors
-sealed units (compressors)
-transformers (dry)
-ballasts (marked non-pcb)

-Yellow Brass
-Red Brass
-Semi-red brass
-various bronzes
-Brass w/ Iron Attachments

Stainless Steel:
-304 (18/8) solids and turnings
-316 solids and turnings
-400 series solids/turnings
-200 series solids/turnings

-wheel weights

Hi-temp Alloys:

Ferrous Scrap:
-steel turnings
-plate & structural (prepared and unprepared)
-#1 heavy melt (prepared and unprepared)
-van trailers
-cast iron (auto, heavy breakable, borings)

Material we do not accept:
-sealed containers (all containers must be cut in half)
-TV monitors
-excessive moisture

Please call 864-801-1765 for updated pricing or any questions about metals we purchase.


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Address: 12881 E. Wade Hampton Blvd.
City, State & Zip: Duncan, SC 29334

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Retail Public Pricing: 864-801-1765 ext 3
Industrial Services and Pricing: 864-801-1765 ext 5
Telephone: 864-801-1765
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